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01 Mar / 2011Program by:
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KAI Trust presents Dhara-Auroville Dance Encounter tonight at 8pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture. The performance incorporates classical Odiisi with folk gotipua, sahi yatra and contemporary dance elements, presented with back projections of pattachitra paintings. On Thursday at the same place we can see Repeated Act of Giving, a multimedia dance performance by Grace Gitadella and Savitri Maya with Sasikanth Somu, Danny Becher, and Joy and Jean LeGrand.

At last I find a meaning of soul’s birthInto this universe terrible and sweet,I who have felt the hungry heart of earthAspiring beyond heaven to Krishna’s feet.I have seen the beauty of immortal eyes,And heard the passion of the Lover’s flute,And known a deathless ecstasy’s surpriseAnd sorrow in my heart for ever mute.Nearer and nearer now the music draws,Life shudders with a strange felicitAll Nature is a wide enamoured pause
Hoping her lord to touch, to clasp, to be.For this one moment lived the ages past;
The world now throbs fulfilled in me at last.