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13 Nov / 2012Program by:
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Personal & Collective Realization

Luigi and B continue their series on "Bridging / Dissolving Polarities" with Elvira (RAS) and Toby (development for L’Avenir). Hear the realities of planning and implementing Auroville at this moment when a new energy is moving in the community for change. Elvira brings her extensive experience as a facilitator of the RAS and advocate for participatory development and transparency of the process. Toby, a veteran of a former L’Avenir, brings his executive awareness of the bigger picture of all that goes into development in the Auroville context.

This lively exchange attempts to bring together the current threads needed for the tapestry of an Auroville where the impossible challenges can be addressed in a way that accelerates the evolution of the community. If you need more information about how this series was born and spontaneously kept going, a very brief summary of each program is given below.

Program Summaries:

1: (26 June 12) An interview with long-time Aurovilian B, expounding on the current situation in Auroville, the problem of religion and authority…of why, seemingly, Aurovilians appear to need a leader to tell them how to proceed… B shares his insights which sprang up as a result of last week’s final Town Development meeting in which Mr. Doshi was present. According to B, the work of growing the galaxy must originate from us, the residents of Auroville, sans the sanction of any outsider.

2: B and Luigi in the first of a series of dialogues inspired from the interview with B that brought up some questions for Luigi. These dialogues will continue on a weekly basis for some time, touching on profound areas from religion, spirituality, Integral Yoga, ranging to town planning, the environment, living and working together in Auroville and more.

3: After a break of several weeks, Luigi and B resume their dialogue. Discussed today: the topic of ‘yantra’ as a town plan as well as communication and goodwill as necessary components in successful decision making, and the desired synthesis of constructing solid structures along with a green environment. B points out that we can have it all.

4: In the fourth of a series of dialogues between B and Luigi, the focus touches upon the Galaxy and the Master Plan. What is the difference? How are they related? These two senior Aurovilians keep the ball rolling and learning comes with listening. And the International Zone is explored, the depth of its meaning, its importance.

5: B and Luigi’s fifth discussion regarding the progress and plans of Auroville. Hosted by Marlenka, this week’s program features discussion of Auroville’s potential as a green city and what the values are of such a place. The popular discussion of concrete vs. greenery is touched upon, as is how we, as Aurovilians, can meet and plan and actually manifest those plans. Planned to further enliven these dialogues is to invite various residents who now reside in the city centre, to get their viewpoints.

6: B and Luigi are at it again as the sixth edition of their talks hits the air. Andi steps in for Marlenka, and the talk attempts to sift out the obstacles that hold us back from human unity. An opening letter from M. Joshi sets the tone of "universal fraternity". But how do we get there? Auroville, overflowing with beautiful idealism and goals, struggles with the practical implementation of such ideals. Featuring: discussion of territory, different aspects of mobility and the courage needed to isolate the city center through road planning.

7: Is Auroville at a crossroads? Where to go from here? How can we heal our past traumas to come together and build anew? Bridge the gap between polar views and find a way to come together in common unity. Now is a time for change, a time when we cannot wait any longer to let go of old habits and give the city a rebirth of Spirit. B and Luigi are here, talking along these lines, reviewing where they have been over the past two months of meeting and coming together in universal fraternity to try to realign to the common goal of all. We can do this.

8: B and Luigi with more synergy than ever. This week we’ve invited Mita from Centre Field to come and talk about her community’s reservations to the extension of the Crown Road. A very productive meeting in which we were able to see beyond past traumas and stay in the collective energy to bridge polarities. Mita brought forth the concern that we need to take a deeper approach in looking at the Galaxy model and revive powerful ideas which have diffused, namely the Dreamcatchers’ proposal, to be revisited in a forum later this month.

9: How can we overcome inherited anthropocentrism in our relationship with nature as we develop "the city the earth needs"? This week’s meeting with B and Luigi brought Rishi into the studio. Rishi, from the Youth Center, shared with us his concerns about the direction in which Auroville is heading and its relationship with the natural area which has grown over the past 40 years. We resolved the discussion acknowledging the climate of understanding which we had birthed, and setting intention for dialogue to continue on this and other topics.

10. A program with Dave (Evergreen) was not broadcast because the audio file did not properly record. Dave had elaborated the problem of communication between Aurovilians. He maintained that perspectives differed so widely that we cannot really hear or understand each other.

11: With the threat of a cyclone looming, some dedicated Aurovilians met in a forum to dissolve polarities and revisit the spirit of the Dreamcatchers’ work. David (Luminosity) was there to speak to the process of the Dreamcatchers and the essence of its success. Nevi, Agnes and Gopal came from Darkali. B, Luigi were the hosts, extending this exercise to a bigger group. Some initial resistance captured the focus of the discussion, reflecting on our reactions and general process in Auroville, moving toward utter honesty and transparency.


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