Photographer:Zarin | Marc Vella admiring flowers arrangement at Amphitheater Photographer:Zarin | MArc Vella and all helping to transport the piano to the Amphitheater Photographer:Zarin | Marc Vella Piano's Meditation Photographer:Zarin | Matrimandir, Moon, Amphitheater and Marc Vella on Piano Photographer:Zarin | Marc Vella with current Caravan of Love Photographer:Zarin | Marc Vella with some playing on the piano
26 Feb / 2013Program by:
Featured: Marc VellaLanguage: English

Piano, Love and Moon at MM

As he has promised last year, Marc Vella returned with his traveling piano, accompanied by members of the Caravan of Love. The evening after full moon was chosen for his piano meditation at Amphitheater in Matrimandir. Dedication of members of Matrimandir Team and volunteers with the joyfully atmosphere of working together have created beautiful set up for the piano just next to the urn. Piano itself was brought from the lawn to the spot by many helpful hands. And piano meditation has started at fading away evening to a moon rise with Love

First part of the recording is done by Ruben (who was also in charge of sound) on his mixing desk, and followed by live recordings.