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07 Jun / 2012Program by:
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Planning, Visiting, Selecting

In today’s news we featured words of Gilles from yesterday’s General Meeting on planning at Untiy Pavilion in International Zone. Mr Doshi L’Avenir d’Auroville / TDC Chairman will be in Auroville between the 17th to 21st of June and would like to have several interaction with the community with regard to the planning and development of Auroville and the TDC. Our next Resident’s Assembly Meeting will take place on 15th of June to finish the selection process, thus our participation is very important.

The ways of the Divine are not like those of the human mind or according to our patterns and it is impossible to judge them or to lay down for Him what He shall or shall not do, for the Divine knows better than we can know, if we admit the Divine at all, both true reason and Bhakti seem to me to be at one in demanding implicit faith and surrender.Sri Aurobindo