Photographer:miriam | Yoana Strateva and Ivelina Ivancheva
30 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Pondicherry, Violin and Piano

On Friday 3rd of February Aurodhan Gallery will present Sebastian Cortes’s Pondicherry exhibition of fine art photographic images excluseively selected from the book launched at the same time. In today’s news we feature an excerpt of interview with Sebastian, and an excerpt of last night violin and piano concert at Pitanga by two visiting Bulgarian guest artists Yoana Strateva and Ivelina Ivancheva. Tonight at at 5pm at Arka main Hall we can join Nakada and Gopika at Vedic chants, and at 8pm at harp meditation.

Go forward calmly and firmly, not attached to success, not disturbed by unsuccess; my divine help will then never fail you.Sri Aurobindo

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