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14 Jan / 2011Program by:
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Pongalo Pongal

Today’s news features the yearly festival of Pongal, as it’s celebrated here; it’s actually the Tamil equivalent of America’s Thanksgiving. Pongal signifies the advent of prosperity, normally celebrated over 4 days with house cleaning, oil baths, kolams,special foods, new clothing, new cooking vessels, sandalpaste, mango and coconut and sugarcane greens and a general sense of prosperity. The news announces various closures over the 4 days. Also there’s mention of two upcoming workshops: one Pranayama, and one on Hospice.

From Sri Aurobindo: The whole principle of this Yoga is to give oneself entirely to the Divine alone and to nobodoy and nothing else, and to bring down into ourselves,by union with the Divine Mother, all the transcendent light, power, wideness, peace, purity, Truth-consciousness and Ananda of the Supramental Divine.