Photographer:Mario | Beach erosion at Repos Community. The Cyclone made this problem worse.<br />
 Photographer:Franz | Devastation at Repos Community Photographer:Barbara | fallen leaves and branches Photographer:Barbara | fallen tree at new kindergarden Photographer:Andi | Gaew Anongnart Suwanmajo, Thai dancer and actor Photographer:Andi | Gaew Anongnart Suwanmajo, Thai dancer and actor
01 Nov / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Post Cyclone Nilam

In today’s news we feature interview with Ponnuswami on current situation with electrical supply, which in so far looks pretty optimistic. Another interview with Gaew Anongnart Suwanmajo, visiting actor and dancer from Thailand, who is offering workshop on Thai dance by Andi. Community is invited by RAS on Monday 5th of November at Unity Pavilion in International Zone to a Collective Priorities & Values Action 2 – Success Team Meeting .Any members of the community can join the action teams as they regroup to report on their progress.

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