Photographer:Vida | Samarpanam - or an Offering of 50 Veenas Photographer:Vida | 50 students from Aurohamsadhvani Art Centre, Yatra and Ponycherry Photographer:Vida | accompanied by tabla Photographer:Vida | concetration Photographer:Vida | 100 hands as one wave Photographer:Vida | Rishi playing veena Photographer:Vida | original composition on keyboards

Samarpanam – or an Offering of 50 Veenas

Amphitheater in Matrimandir yesterday late afternoon became a stage for a special performance – an offering of 50 Veenas for 50 years of Auroville, and as offering to the Mother.
50 students of veena of Aurohamsadhvani Art Centre(28), Yatra students, and students from Pondicherry aging from 6 to 57 years played songs related to God, Divine, and the Mother.

“Music and dance have been used since ages not only in India, also everywhere in the world as a medium of worship and to enhance the beauty within oneself to reach the Divine. Classical music makes a positive impact ont the growing generation an the adults who learn it. “
Aurohamsadhvani Art Centre & Matrimandir Team