Photographer: | Children dancing in adoration of the Mother (Photo: Giorgio) Photographer: | Final Photographer: | Children dancing in adoration of the Mother Photographer: | Final
24 Feb / 2010Program by:

Small steps with a big Aspiration

Warm Wednesday night with the crescent moon over amphitheater at Mantirmandir, audience waiting patiently in expectation of Small steps. Out of darkness and silence it started. Some flickering lights and soft children whispering in echo, and with music it seemed as ethereal beings would be passing on the rhythm… appearing and disappearing, changing shapes and moves, almost not touching grounds. One song, one story faded into another, one followed by the other, until angels arrived… to sing in a dance, a delicate and beautiful song with young colorful spirits… one could think that whole performance is just a beautiful dream, nurturing our sense with images, settings, choreography, costumes… and… sound, oh, what an excellent soundtrack!


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