Photographer:Andrea | Anand Kumar and Gitanjali Sah
05 Dec / 2007Program by:
Featured: Anand KumarLanguage: English

Solution Exchange

In the English news today there is an interview with Anand Kumar and Gitanjali, representatives of UNDP Solution Exchange. They are part of the team organizing a 2-day workshop taking place on 6-7 December, partnered by AurovilleRadio.
Today the weather in Auroville is bright blue and sunny after another downpour in the early morning. The wind is out of the North East at 13 mph… scattered clouds promise the chance of another thunderstorm today and again tomorrow. The temperature ranges between 21 and 29 degrees.

And today marks the 3rd anniversary of’ AurovilleRadio! We are grateful for the continuous support of our listening audience as we continue to enlarge and expand…


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