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09 Oct / 2010Program by:

Song of the Great Soul

“We need to break free from the chains of our mind – the bonds of time, body and even ourselves… to be free,”says Parvathy. The special blessings was given to us on Saturday’s 9th of October with her performance at SAWCHU. Parvathy Baul, dressed in simple saffron colored traditional wear with dreadlocks nearly down to her ankles, played ektara (one-stringed Baul instrument) and duggi (clay drum) along with nupur (anklet) enthralling everyone with the energy and spirituality of her performance. Parvathy’s voice is rich with skill and emotion that is bound to touch the listener with its unforced brilliance, and entirely possessed by this mystical feeling of Baul poetry, which also never fails to radiate the fragrances associated with the revelation of compassion.

Baul is a way of life, continuously searching for the inner being which is inside of each human body. Parvathy warmly and charismatically expresses her love with life along with the Baul message of spiritual unity through sung and danced songs, which always include secret teachings related to the righteous practice and life style of the Bauls.


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