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Sristi Village Example by Karthikeyan

Following is the recording of 29th of May at SAIIER conference room talk: Learnings from Sristi Village – an inclusive, self-sustaining community for the marginalized & people with intellectual disabilities, organized by SEA (Social Entrepreneurship Association) by G.Karthikeyan, founder of Sristi Foundation, is a psychologist and a native of Pondicherry who grew up for 15 years in an inclusive orphanage. Realizing the differences in society’s treatment of ‘normal’ and the ‘intellectually disabled’, he was inspired to create a fair and sustainable world for them. Sristi Foundation is a non-profit organisation, establishing an inclusive, self-sustaining and eco-friendly village community ‘Sristi Village’, which offers marginalized individuals and people with intellectual disabilities the chance to live, learn, work and generate income, thus allowing them to reach their full potential. Spread out over 30 acres of fertile land at Kunamangalam village in Villupuram District, it wishes to serve as a role model project. It is their mission to economically and socially empower the marginalized and intellectually disabled, through providing them work opportunities and social inclusiveness. (