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20 Mar / 2010Program by:
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States of Consciousness

Telos model is based on the integral yoga and it has been specially developed for the practical applications of yogic knowledge in the context of evolving life of individuals and organisations. It is a conceptual tool to map and develop different states of evolving consciousness in individuals, organisations, products, services or in any field of work. A form of action can be animated by different states of consciousness, however depending on the quality of the state of consciousness animating it the action and its results undergoes radical change. Therefore to improve an action and its results the underlying states of consciousness has to be developed and refined.

Each state of consciousness has its unique attributes, strengths and weaknesses. Not all states are equally developed and some may be yet to develop in an individual or organisation. The Telos model brings abstract notions of consciousness into the realm of tangible experience using the body as a reference so that different states of consciousness can be clearly distinguished as an experience and thus help towards their conscious development. – Manoj


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