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07 Jan / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Stillness in Motion

First sounds surrounded us, from the front, back, side…they all unite back on the stage of Visitor Centre where, under a clear night sky, decorated by stars, group of people who were creative in their explorations of the body in motion with Irene, gave us one of the kind dance performance. They were, as Irene said, offering us presence, to something, to someone, to the space…they were dancing, and expressing themselves on the theme of stillness, theme of body, and principles of support. What you can hear on the recordings of that evening are sounds, which were also created by the same group of people on different, mostly percussion’s, instrument. Joel contributed with classical guitar, and brought to us some memories on distant times, and places. But in all it was one of the performances, where one can be easily drifted away with the flow of the magic of the moment.