Photographer:Gabriel | Tribe around fire, dome in background Photographer:Gabriel | Perfoming under dome Photographer:Gabriel | Performing under dome Photographer:Gabriel | Holding drum to flames Photographer:Gabriel | Holding drum to flames Photographer:Gabriel | The audience gathers Photographer:Gabriel | The audience gathers
28 Oct / 2018Program by:

SVARAM Presents Irula Full Moon Pulse

The musicians held their performance beside the Verite crossing, starting in the dome of SVARAM’s campus before dancing and moving in circles around fires dotted around the grounds. Audiences joined the circles and howled late into the evening.

Their music is handed down from previous generations and played on instruments made by hand and sourced from the land.

Musicologist Abhishek, who has been working alongside these musicians for around 3 years now, was their spokesperson on the night, and gave us their introduction plus an insight on why they had arrived here in Auroville.

Abhishek curated this gathering, along with Aurelio, director of SVARAM.

Stay tuned for an interview with three members of the Irula musicians, published tomorrow.