Photographer:Shirin | TCV with Kalsnag, Nymagal and all the teachers Photographer:Shirin | exhibition of their children's work Photographer:Shirin | exhibition of their children's work Photographer:Shirin | letters fo gratitude Photographer:Shirin | singing Photographer:Shirin | invocation Photographer:Shirin | invocation
23 Feb / 2017Program by:

TCV in Deep Gratitude

It is moving to see child’s sincere and deep gratitude….it does touch one’s heart…
And last night at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in Internatinal Zone we have witnessed that by 15 children from Tibetan Children’s Village who have stayed in Auroville for 6 weeks as exchange students. They have learned many new thing, they have been involved in daily life, even volunteered at the 10th AV Marathon, and more. Colorful exhibition with their products, pottery works, and with written letters from each of them clearly express it.
Part of what they have been doing, they presented: from humble invocation song to dance performances (where their playfulness on the transition to adulthood, showed that they are children, youth, as any other)
This year exchanges were fully supported by ex TCV students, Kalsang explained after the presentation.