Photographer:Zara | Lisbeth and Heidi
04 Feb / 2015Program by:

Teachers Center

Unofficial inauguration two weeks back of Teachers Center at SAIIER building in Town Hall was for the teachers, parents and children a joyfully occasion and a fruit of long years of integral education in Auroville.
Although the idea for it in the beginning was to provide pool of people who can train all those who are already teaching but are not really qualified as teachers and to all those who would like to be teachers, in time grown into more – center should be not only for training but also resource and networking center; it should connect schools, teachers, people, ideas in Auroville as well from outside. They are planning to have workshops, conversations on integral education on regular bases, and at the same time educational materials are in preparation.
Ground breaking work for Teachers Center is a dedicated work of Maya, Francoise, Lisbeth and Heidi, who says amongst other ” Integral Education has to be understood as it is practiced”…