Photographer:Andrea | Georges Van Vrekhem presenting ‘The Giant Point'.
26 Feb / 2011Program by:

The Giant Point

Georges Van Vrekhem at Mutation II A Clearing started with main question which his talk revolved around – If the Mother and Sri Aurobindo were avatars, what avatars were they? Where we can place them it the avatar is the Divine incarnated as human being. Sri Aurobindo wrote about two sides of avatar-hood – Divine Consciousness which is omnipotent, and Instrumental Personality. To him Divine Consciousness has put forward Instrumental Personality, and it uses is accordingly to the rules of the game. He also clearly expressed that the Divine when he takes on the burden of terrestiality, takes it fully, seriously without any tricks or pretense. And any one who wants to change Earth nature, must first accept it, in order to change. Georges found that questions if the Mother and Sri Aurobindo were avatars as one of the most tabu questions.