Photographer:Vida | Amrit talks on early Auroville, yoga of Transformation
26 Jun / 2018Program by:
Featured: AmritLanguage: English

The (Mother’s) Force and Confluences of Amrit, Part 2

Graceful, humble, yet always with the smile on his face, and acutely present spirit, Amrit convey very interesting story of his life, and how he ended up in Auroville. He had been living very intensive, and at the time also painful life, in the quest for spiritual and higher life. His knowledge and wisdom are vast.

This session continues and goes deeper in the (Mother’s) Force, and how Amrit experiences it. We were focusing a bit more on those years in early 70ies when the Mother was about, and she left her body…. consequently a series of events unfortunately leaded to a dispute between Sri Aurobindo Society and young Auroville. Among others Amrit also talks about Yoga of Transformation i.e. Sri Aurobindo Yoga, and which are the necessary steps in order to progress.



  • Andrea van de Loo

    what a delight to listen to you, Amrit. I much enjoyed your insights and your kindness. I was one of those early Aurovilians born in the 40’s.
    I remember fondly our visit when I came back to Auroville in January of 2000. Blessings to you.
    Andrea (Angela of Kottakarai)
    (I just tried to email you directly, but that was returned to me. I would love to hear from you.)

    • Miriam

      Dear Andrea!
      thank You for listening….:-)

    • Hello Angela, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you after so many years! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, and have often thought of the group in Kottakarai. If you would like to email:
      With love and warmest remembrances, Amrit