Photographer:Vida | Amrit talks about his life, and Auroville Photographer:Vida | kind, patient, knowledgeable,  and humble Amrit
30 May / 2018Program by:
Featured: AmritLanguage: English

The (Mother’s) Force and Confluences of Amrit

Graceful, humble, yet always with the smile on his face, and acutely present spirit, Amrit convey very interesting story of his life, and how he ended up in Auroville. He had been living very intensive, and at the time also painful life, in the quest for spiritual and higher life. His knowledge and wisdom are vast.
What is the difference between Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville? What was the Mother looking for in creating Auroville? Which energies play a vital role here? What is the human unity?, and many more were the questions on which Amrit answered with his utmost patience.
Featured interview is just the beginning as we hope to have more sequences to it.


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  • Rick Lipschutz

    Thank you, Vida and Amrit! So valuable to me, in actually discussing the nature of the force, and the workings of it. A very wise and soulful individual with much to teach me, anyway. And what a story.