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08 Feb / 2016Program by:
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the time is…NOW!

On Sunday afternoon, many gathered in peace and good will to support the Landing of Auroville. Many people from Auroville International came to lend their participation to this project which has caught the hearts of those who want Auroville to grow according to the Mother’s dream.
The participants heard brief presentations from the key persons who are involved in the joint action to  raise funds for securing the land of Auroville – A4A, Green Acres, LFAU, Land Board.
Watching short films and documentaries, most of which were made for this purpose, the viewers were taken back in time to reflect, and to refocus on this essential task which, in today’s reality clearly shows every interested person that missing plots of land in Master Plan need to be secured.
Numerous art works were on display, contributed by many supporting Auroville Artists and well-wishers from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. A silent art auction was in progress. The profits will go towards the purchase of auroville land.
Will You help? The Time Is NOW!

videos on Auroville’s land:

    Early Days Land Pioneers: https//

Irumbai, A Bridge between the Past & the Future:

    Landing Auroville:

    Un Corps de Terre pour Auroville:https//

Artistswishing to contribute art work:  Phone: 97877 97814

Donations via FS #100 or Unity Fund #240001

Specifying A4A (City), ˜GreenAcres” (Greenbelt), or Land General


So far a total of 70 art works have been generously donated by 25 artists – paintings, sculptures and ceramics. Thank you, Auroville artists!! Already before Sunday’s Landing Auroville event, it became clear that with the number and quality of the works donated, it would be necessary to allow more viewing time and to open the auction to a wider public, therefore we would launch the initiative and start taking bids, but not conclude any sales on that day.
The art works were beautifully displayed at the Unity Pavilion during Sunday’s event. By the end of the evening, offers (and in some instances, counter-offers) were received for 8 works totalling over 1 lakh rupees.
The photographing and cataloguing all the pieces is in process, as is preparing a site for online viewing and sales / auction.
The Unity Pavilion has kindly offered to keep the larger paintings, as well as sculptures and ceramics on exhibition. Options are presently being explored to make the entire body of work accessible as a single exhibition. We will keep you updated as Arts for Land unfolds its wings! Any suggestions or offers for collaboration are most welcome! Contact: LFAU or (tel. 97877 97814).