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16 Jun / 2011Program by:
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Unveiling Housing Issues

In today’s news we feature Bridget from L’Avenir d”Auroville talking about outcome of the survey on housing, and many other issues related to it. The full interview with Bridget and Muthaeh from L’AVenir d’Auroville was recorded by Monica and will be soon uploaded on AV Radio page. Buddha garden is celebrating it’s Basil day on Tuesday, June the 21st and on this occasion they will offer Pasta with Pesto from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm. Everyone is welcome. AV GAS Service and Working Committee informs us that they have received information from the LPG gas agency in Pondicherry that they will shortly introduce a new booking system for purchasing the LPG gas, IVRS(integrated voice recognition system).

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