Photographer: | Pushkar on piano and Ladislav on violin
23 Aug / 2009Program by:

Western Musical Recital in Pitanga

Recorded live in Pitanga hall the full western classical concert can be enjoyed by all. Pushkar and Ladislav gave a concert for piano and violin. Both played full heartedly mesmerizing the audience to their cushion. Pieces from Beethoven “Sonata No.9 Kreutzer“, Piazzolla, “Le Grand Tango”, Pugnani-Kreisler “Preludium and Allegro” and Pushkar’s “Piece for violin and piano” where played. The audience enjoyed the music so much that they applauded for more each time a piece was over. When there were no more notes to play the concert ended and the audience floated on the notes out to the starry night.


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