Photographer:Akshay | Nicole, from the Auroville Visitor's Center Cafeteria Photographer:Akshay | Marc sipping on an expresso in Marc's Cafe Photographer:Akshay | The ambient decor of the outside sitting area at Marc's Cafe Photographer:Akshay | Coffee brewing devices on display at Marc's Cafe
03 Oct / 2018Program by:
Featured: Nicole and MarcLanguage: English

What Makes Restaurants and Cafes in Auroville So Special? Part 2

In part two of this series, AurovilleRadio spoke to Nicole of the Auroville Visitor’s Center Cafeteria and Marc of Marc’s cafe to understand more about them and their eateries. Filled with passion for what they do, both started from scratch and have worked hard to provide good, fresh food to the community.

Nicole shared her journey to Auroville and how that has translated into what she does today. On the other hand Marc spoke of how he brought his love for coffee to Auroville and how he moved away from his formal education background to pursue this passion.

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