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02 Mar / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Women`s Festival, dulce de leche

On Sunday 4th of March at 5pm at the Untiy Pavilion in International Zone we’re invited by Anadi to her poetry book presentation. Una tarde con amigos – mate, tanog y dulce de leche, as Anandi says in our interview. Rebbeca talks with Beddy and Christine on Tantidhatri – a International Women’s Performing Arts Festival, and we feature an excerpt of that interview. Talks, workshops, cultural events,openings of exhibitions, music, Bulgarian dinner and many very good films will prevail this weekend.

…Know then your self; know your true self to be God and one with the self of all others; know your soul to be a portion of God. Live in what you know; live in the self, live in your supreme spiritual nature, be united with God and Godlike. Offer, first, all your actions as a sacrifice to the Highest and the One in you and to the Highest and the One in the world; deliver last all you are and do into his hands for the supreme and universal spirit to do through you his own will and works in the world. Sri Aurobindo
( from The Esasays on The Gita )

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