Photographer: | Costal erosion next to Quite Healing Center
03 Nov / 2007Program by:
Language: English

Workshop on coastal erosion

In today’s English news Dr. Tarapore of DHI-India introduces the workshop held in Auroville held last Saturday regarding coastal erosion, which was organized by Auroville Coastal-area Development Center.
Also in the news there is an announcement about a planned Center for Research in the Performing Arts in the cultural zone. Included in the plans is a decentralised changing exhibition to connect the various elements of the project through the provision of visual links, guiding people to their desired location, simultaneously informing them of the research and activities.
In Auroville today it is cloudy and humid with some rain. The as yet unpaved sections of road continue to be challenging.
The temperatures range between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius.