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Auroville Council Transparency

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Auroville Council member Sonja, longtime Aurovilian, skilled counselor and facilitator of the Transformation Game speaks in depth about some of the current issues in the Council. The Study Group for Self Governance, including a selection process for members of Aurovilles working groups, find responsible participation in the General Meetings with respect for the Working Groups must happen for positive change. Residents should resume their key role of participation; absolute transparency should be maintained by all Governing groups.

Every law, however embracing or tyrannous, meets somewhere a contrary law by which its operation can be checked, modified, annulled or eluded.There is no law of nature that cannot be overcome and changed, if we have the faith that all is ruled by the Lord and that it is possible for us to come into direct contact with Him, if we know how to escape from the prison-house of age-old habits, and give ourselves unreservedly to His will. In truth, nothing is fixed, everything is in perpetual change; and this ascending transformation will lead to this inconscient and mortal creation returning, step by step to the Eternal and all-Powerful Consciousness of the Lord.Sri Aurobindo, Thoughts and Aphorisms with commentary by the Mother

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