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Photographer:Andrea | Cooling down with an hot tea. The discussion brought, as usual, more questions than answers. Photographer:Andrea | David expressed his frustration after a long engagement as architect in Auroville. Photographer:Andrea | From left: Sauro and Gilles Photographer:Andrea | Uriel is part of l'Avenir, and as GIS tools developer is asking some clarification. Photographer:Andrea | Aurelio pointed out that the human factor is missing somehow Photographer:Andrea | Tobi addressing to the audience. Photographer:Nour | Bankim during his presentation.

Discussion # 56258

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Maybe the discussion’s number it’s wrong, but the point it’s that Auroville is piling up much more meetings and presentation than facts and actions. It seems that the further we go in the development harder it gets to take decisions and act consequently. This may sound slightly negative but was the feeling expressed of some of the participants at the meeting. The frustration reflects the little progress Auroville has achieved recently. Maybe it’s time to act? Please download the pdf of the presentations 1 & 2.
Happy birthday Mother.

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Rauf Ali Apr 09, 2015 Reply

I think some of your captions are mixed up

    Andrea Apr 09, 2015 Reply

    Dear Rauf you’re right.
    It happen during the last database migration.
    I’ve rectified the wrong captions.
    If you find other errors please let us know.

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