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26 Sep / 2017Program by:
Featured: SWWLanguage: English

7 Days

We continue in uplifting spirit of funky R&B and within sub tones of hip hop, still aiming to cheer you up, and make you dance … maybe

SWV – Right Here (Human nature extended)
Zakiya – Love Like Mine
Lenisha – Just Dance
Craig David ft Mos Def – 7 Days
Winfree – Blink of an Eye
Janet Jackson – The Way Love Goes (Dj Makix rework)
Dwele – Find a Way
Brandy & Mase – Top of the World
Tamia – So Into You
Next – Wifey
Tina Moore – Never Let You Go
Maxwell – Ascension (Sos band remix)
Reva Devito – Kisses
Horace Brown – Shake It Up
Allure ft Tone & Az Head – Head Over Heels
Koffee Brown – After Party
Ultimate Kaos – Casanova
Noora – Need You
Oui – Steppin Out
The Product g&b ft Pras – Love Come Down



  • Uma

    I would kindly bring to your notice, the Mother- Founder of the Auroville said, the pop, rock or funk types of music degrades the human consciousness subtly. And we know Auroville is the place for enhancing the human consciousness to next level. Hence Auroville radio — the door to the world , has a great place to extend the human consciousness level. This is only a suggestion.

    • Miriam

      Dear Uma!
      thank You fro your utmost support, and of course for listening our programs. Could You please share with us in which book or text The Mother mentions quoted lines you suggest.
      in deep gratitutde of Her Light