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The Force

In this interview with Loretta we hear where she is headed with the reading of Savitri, and how the story will unfold.  As she  says, the whole aim of the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is to reach the stage to find your soul , and to receive the universality of cosmic consciousness and to have it act through you. The problems, pains and obstacles emerge when one is trying to do yoga by their own conception but the Force that is descending is here and radiating anywhere, and what we see is an outward form. Sri Aurobindo is removing the obstacles in people beings that were hindering them with the influx of the Force.

“Be simple
Be happy
Remain quiet
Do your work as well as you can
Keep yourself always open to me….
That is all that is asked from you.”
– The Mother


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  • Marco

    It is always a delight to listen to Loretta. Thanks.