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17 Dec / 2010Program by:
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7,75 and Santa

A special day for a special lady – Marlenka – who’s turning 75 today, and work with us since almost the beginning of the Auroville Radio. We talked with her shortly about her life, which was full of excitements, joy, passion, and she is very grateful to be here, at this time, and for the blessings of the work the Mother and Sri Aurobinod did. Her advice for life is to live simply, be happy, and do the work. Saddhana Forest is also celebrating birthday – seven years of that interesting, and fast growing community. They prepared the whole day of events, and surprises. Christmas fair at Youth Centre is postponed on next weekend, but on Saturday they will host two concerts

"You have to aspire, you have to reject; but the best is if you can keep me in your heart, if you love me, then you will have to do nothing.” The Mother