Photographer:Andrea | Mr. Charlie Manokaran Photographer:Andrea | Meenakshi listening the speech Photographer:Andrea | Opening the ceremony Photographer:Andrea | Suryagandhi
05 Aug / 2010Program by:

A Tamil Gathering


Tamil Heritage Center and Tamil Avai (Assembly) jointly organized a Tamil Gathering on 4th August 2010 at SAWCHU, Bharat Nivas. The prime aim of the Assembly is to establish and to practice human unity and spirituality as visioned by The Mother, in Auroville. For this first gathering, a leading Tamil comedy actor Mr. Charlie Manokaran, who also a great follower of the Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, was invited as the chief guest and as well as to share his own experience and the practice of integral yoga. About 100 Tamil Aurovilians gathered at SAWCHU, to listen his speech. Mahalingam, an elderly Aurovilian and a Tamil translator of the works Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, presided the meeting, in the presence of Varadharajan. Meenakshi introduced Charlie to the crowd and the purpose of the gathering. Suryagandhi as an anchor person guided the gathering to introduce them one by one. In his talk, Charlie appreciated the residents for their contribution and commitment in creating Auroville. He is very confident that one can grow towards higher level, if he/she realizes within himself/herself. The Divine’s force is always near to us and IT comes to secure us only when we consecrate IT. The participants were very impressive of his talk and admired his speech. At the end, Saravanan (Aranya) pointed out that we should have such a gathering often and keep the unity alive. Thillai gave vote of thanks and then the crowd dispersed.