Photographer:Marlenka | Susmita-Anjlee Agarwal
04 Mar / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Accessible Auroville

The news today features an interview with the Exceutive Director of Samarthyam Anjlee Agarwal and Susmita, talking about the importance of Auroville’s accessibility for differently abled people, for everyone in whatever condition in which they may happen to be. Also the passing into the Light of Luciawho left her body last Friday 25th February after a road incident while returning from Rameshwaram with a group of friends. A reminder: today begins the 3-day Film Festival-Indian Panorama at Bharat Nivas, today through Sunday…for detailed information please refer to yesterday’s news and/or to Auronet. And finally a call for caregivers, who are needed for Hospice work (end of life care), as well as for assisting persons recovering from illness, injury, surgery or simply elderly.

How to broaden and enlighten your consciousness? If each one would find his psychic being and unite with it, all problems would be solved. Normally it takes an entire lifetime, or even several lives in some cases. Those who have an ardent aspiration can do it in a few MONTHS….the psychic being is the Divine’s representative in the human being. The Divine isn’t something far-off and out of reach; the Divine is within you, but you aren’t fully conscious of it…so far it is acting more as an influence than a Presence. It must become a conscious Presence, it has nothing to do with going off to inaccessible regions: it’s RIGHT HERE. – Mother’s Agenda 1973