Photographer:Courtesy | Georges Van Vrekhem
26 Sep / 2010Program by:

Adam Kadmon and the Evolution

Sunday morning, September 26 Georges Van Vrekhem, a well-known author and exponent on Integral Yoga, began a series of four talks in Town Hall. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have talked about the “archetype” as the idea of terrestrial evolution (which is also the origin of the four varnas). The Mother has seen it and talked about it to Sri Aurobindo, who confirmed her vision. If this is true, it is the explanation of the human form, therefore of the forms gradually created by the evolution and leading up to the human, and the fundamental shape of the supramental being. Mystics in the past have seen the same, and some of them, in the Gnostic tradition, have called the archetype Adam Kadmon. Listen in for the full first talk.

Please come to the AurovilleRadio station in Town Hall to order a copy of all four talks on one disc.