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22 Aug / 2015Program by:

‘Au Revoir, Mogadishu’

The striking Au Revoir, Mogadishu mixtape, a collection of pre-war songs from “the golden days of Somali music, sounds from before the war, songs from before the beautiful city of Mogadishu became a battle ground for 2 decades. The 45-minute Somali mix runs through a number of selections from the likes of Dur Dur Band, Waaberi, Qadiijo Qalanjo and several other acts.
This mix of 70s and 80s Somali sound is a rich blend of traditional Somali folk music infused with Western funk, rock and reggae and a touch of Indian, Arabic and African flavors. There are hardly any proper releases of this soulful sound of guitar, synthesizer and drums.
Jakarta Records and Caykh Recordings.


Au Revoir, Mogadishu A-Side Track List
Libaaxyada Maaweeliska Banaadir – Naga Tag, Kac Hooyaa
Waaberi –
Kooxda Halgan – badbaado guri hooyo
Qadiijo Qalanjo – Diriyam Oo Hoo Diriyam
Waaberi Hargeysa – Soo dhowoow
Wabari Xishood & Jaceyl –
Iftin – Wanaagaaga
Waaberi –
Qadiijo Qalanjo – Dhesessha
Dur-Dur Band – Ethiopian Girl
Iftin – Axdigii Waad Oofin Weyde


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