Photographer: | Auroville Choir (Photographer: Giorgio)
18 Mar / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Auroville Choir Concert Weekend

Featured in today’s news is an interview with Nuria, who conducts the Auroville Choir,who creates a space, an atmosphere that brings out the joy and willingness in us to sing together in peace and harmony. This weekend’s concert 19th and 20th March at Pitanga will be sung acappella and, in this concert, there will be a surprise!

In all circumstances of life you must always be very careful to guard against despair…the habit of being sombre, morose, of despairing, does not depend on events but on a lack of faith in the nature…one who has faith, even if only in himself, can face all difficulties, all circumstances, even the most adverse without discouragement or despair, fighting like a man to the end. +an extract from a comment from the Mother on an aphorism from Sri Aurobindo