Photographer:Gijs | Toine van Megen Photographer:Gijs | Toine van Megen
14 Feb / 2011Program by:

Auroville Sustainable Agriculture Plan

In this last interview of the series on the ‘History and Future of Farming’ we talk with Toine. Toine’s talents lie not so much in the practical aspects of farming, but more in the organizational structuring of Auroville’s greenbelt. Having a history as former director for two multi national companies on wind and solar energy, he currently working in the Town Hall. Toine is asked to help out on the organizational aspects of the five year plan called ASAP. While each has his or her own knowledge of the local climate and soil, Toine contributes to the management and creation of a integrated approach among all the individual approaches. This talk will uncover some of the main aspects of the five year plan and its expected developments in the upcoming months.