Photographer:Barbara | Nico and Julio Photographer:Barbara | EACH ONE TEACH ONE and 5 ELEFANTS Photographer:Barbara | Nico and Julio
28 Mar / 2013Program by:
Language: English

Bboys, Essence, Planning

In today’s news we feature Nico and Julio Rolle inviting us to this year EACH ONE TEACH ONE and 5 ELEFANTS performance and inauguration of 44flavours exhibition tomorrow at 6pm at Aurodhan Gallery (Secret Garden) in Pondicherry and Visitor Center on Saturday at 8pm. Essence – Multicultural performance , celebrating women through dance will be hold tomorrow at 8pm at Visitor Centre and on Saturday at Aurodhan Gallery in Pondicherry. L’Avenir/TDC will host a workshop on Regional Planning on Saturday morning at Conference Room in Town Hall.