Photographer:Miriam | Andy and Ana Photographer:Miriam | Chloe, Caroline, Mariana, Tiago Photographer:Giorgio | Mishko M'Ba and Manosh Bardhan
05 Aug / 2010Program by:

Celebration of the Divinity

It has been quite some time since we had an opportunity or a reason to go to Verite for a cultural event, but Thursday night 5th of August proved again that the hall can offer some intimate settings with good acoustics. It felt good to enjoy the intimacy of the numerous listeners in the audience and the artist at the same time…like a circle of friends. Ana’s origin is from Portugal, and Andy from Hungary; he danced for the Divine and for us to Odissi dance, which they learned from the same teacher. Both of them mastered postures and gestures of that very specific and elaborated dance, in which each hand gesture has a meaning and a reason. Tiago, Chloe, Caroline and Mariana rocked us with their melodious voices to Africa between dances.