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Changing Lifestyles

“Set Fire to the Rain”concert at Pitanga at 7.30 pm presented by Lisa, Holger, Martin, Matt, Jonas and Tina. On Thursday Morning at Multi Media Center in Town Hall Auroville Green Practice starts with three days hands-on workshop, plenary talks and sessions on Energy Positive Habitats with over 70 participants from Auroville as well from outside.Working Meeting of the the Residents on Thursday, 30th at 5pm at Unity Pavilion. The agenda of this meeting will be to work out and agree on specific changes to the proposed document.

Always keep in touch with the Divine Force. The best thing for you is to do that simply and allow it to do its own work; wherever necessary, it will take hold of the inferior energies and purify them; at other times it Will empty you of them and fill you with itself. But if you let your mind take the lead and discuss and decide what is to be done, you will lose touch with the Divine Force and the lower energies will begin to act for themselves and all go into confusion and a wrong Movement.Sri Aurobindo
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