Photographer:Giorgio | Childrens from villages surrounding Auroville celebrates the Earth Day in Sadhana Forest
25 Apr / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Children and Education

There is a World Sand Ceremony in the Thamarai garden in Edyanchavadi! to bless traveling sand, mixed by children in over 35 countries. Please join TLC where children will offer performances and presentations. There will be various stalls to discover, and delicious treats made by the children. Kalki Subramaniam, gender activist and actor presents ‘The Lives of Others’, a presentation on the lifestyle and culture of the Hijras-transgenders of India. There is a workshop to explore Nonviolent Communication, the work of Robert Gonzales.

Live for God in thy neighbour, God in thyself, God in thy country and the country of thy foeman, God in humanity, God in tree and stone and animal, God in the World and outside the world, then art thou on the straight path to liberation. – Words of The Mother