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27 Dec / 2014Program by:
Featured: AbhaLanguage: English

Christmas Celebration at Pavilion

On Christmas eve, 2014; a bunch of rosy eyed children and their still a child at heart parents stepped in at the Unity Pavilion to celebrate the festival of Christmas with friends and strangers and foes and flora, and embraced the mellow evening in all its festive spirit.
Aurovilians, Volunteers and enthusiastic guests sat around the round tables, with the median age ranging from 3 years to 60; as they cut shiny maroon and cobalt and aubergine and golden sheets of paper in the form of snowflakes. These snowflakes were then perched gently onto the transparent wall of glass, so that all the passersby could see them from outside as though they were actual flakes of snow, poised in mid air; pausing their act of snowing and reveling in the charm of the christmas season. The wall was looked as enchantingly colourful as the other segments of the Unity Pavilion, symbolizing the harmony and merger of all the different colours of the rainbow spectrum, as they amalgamate and merge into a soulful, pure, calm and divine white. Such was the spirit among the people there as they shared hot ginger punch, popcorn, chocolate cookies, bell pepper toast, and endless cups of love. Kids and adults alike, hopping around the christmas tree; decorating it with paper ornaments, and whispering secret wishes in Santa’s ears.
The atmosphere was soothed by the soulful voices of the choir comprising of a few volunteers and the amazing people taking care of the Unity Pavilion, who made this beautiful get together possible. With christmas carols being sung in French, English, German; and a special spin-off on a carol for the Matrimandir in French by a lovely family; the entire crowd was in a Christmas trance.
Trumpets, harmonium, piano and the guitar; and the melodious voices of the ladies; everyone there couldn’t help singing along. This program records the experiences of Duka, Shakti, Abha; oh yes, Santa; and kids Aditi and Aruna; who were among the many breathing the air full of christmas amore.
And special carols to be heard as well! So stay tuned!