Photographer: | The roads today in Auroville
14 Dec / 2007Program by:
Language: English

Dangerously slippery

The new path to Transition School and Future School path is dangerously slippery due to the rain.’ So please drive slowly and take the main road. For access to Transition school it’s better to drive through to the main entrance. And about another slippery road to bypass during this rainy weather: the new road near Vikas to the Solar Kitchen.In today’s English news there’s a short segment from the general information meeting presented yesterday by l’Avenir d’Auroville. Also in the news there are announcements: A definition of Tai Chi and an intensive course in it coming up, also a course in preparing remedies from local plants.The weather forecast for Friday night is thunder and more rain, low temperature of 25 degrees and an Eastern wind of 28′ kph. For Saturday much the same but’ on Sunday the chances of precipitation decrease to 50% but the sky will remain overcast.To listen to the news click or in the picture.


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