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11 Mar / 2013Program by:
Language: English

Decisions, Housing, Matrimandir

A second Information GM for the RA decision making process regarding Auroville as a UNESCO World Heritage Site today at 4pm at Unity Pavilion in International Zone. In today’s news we’re also featuring longer note from RAS members on who and how can organize a General Meeting. Hungarian Night at Unity Pavilion on Friday from 5.30pm onward. On Thursday 14th at 5pm at Conference Room in Town Hall will be the Presentation of a new Housing Project In the Sector 2 of Residential Zone in Auroville. Tango Holi Festival starts today.

The Psychic love is pure and full of self-giving without egoistic demands, but it is human and can err and suffer. The Divine Love is something much vaster and deeper and full of light and Ananda.Sri Aurobindo
Visitor Centre on Saturday will be full of music – Suryan and Emilia at 7pm, followed by ROCK LOVE! Blues, Pop and Rock for our soul by Anna, Swadha, Rolf, Edo, Pierre, Ingo, Arthur and Saga .