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16 Oct / 2009Program by:
Language: English

Diwali, Festival of Light

Today’s news features wind and light: an interview with Tlaloc sharing about windmills, what the intention is for Auroville and, a bit of light on the Festival of Light, Diwali, perhaps the most prominent of all Indian festivals. For Auroville’s Diwali celebrations: Friday, 16th of October at Bharat Nivas at 6:15 Kathakali dance with live music from Kerala, and Saturday evening a traditional lighting of lamps at Upasana. More info about Diwali program in READ MORE..

D i w a l i” L i g h t ”F e s t i v a l ‘ Dear Friends, Let’s celebrate Diwali On Friday, 16th of October 2009, Bharat Nivas. ‘ Programmes ‘ 5.15 pm – 6.15 pm” Fireworks with all our children 6.15 pm – 8.45 pm’ ‘Kathakali dance with live music from Kerala, presenting the story of Diwali “NARAKASURA VADHAM” ‘ At Sri Aurobindo’s Auditorium, Bharat Nivas. ‘ Presented by: SUDARSANA KATHAKALI VIDYALAYAM AMPALAPUZHA ALAPPUZHA ‘ ACTORS: Kalamandalam Balakrishnan, Kalamandalam Vijayakumar, Kalanilayam Vinod, Mavelikara Madhu Varenasi, Margi Ravi , Kalamandalam Arun KATHAKALI MUSIC: Kalavedi Suresh, Kalamandalam Sreejith, Kathakali Chenda : Kalamandalam Sreekanth, Kathakali Maddalam :Kalanilayam Manoj. MAKE-UP: Pallippuram Unnikrishnan ‘ The story of Narakasura Vadham: ‘ This story is taken from Bhagavatha purana. Narakasura was the son of Bhumi Devi and he obtained many boons from Vishnu and became a ruler of Pragjyothisha. He had the peculiar folly of abducting women from other countries and putting them in his prison. Indra and other gods were under his threat. As Narakasura would have wished, Nakrathundi, a wild and ferocious woman who hung tiger cubs as pendants in her ears, goes off to heaven to bring heavenly women for offering to Narakasura. ‘ She captures many ladies and as she was coming down she meets handsome Jayanthaa, son of Indra. She falls in love with this handsome lad and asks him to marry her. He refuses. When she forces him he disfigures her with his sword. She comes crying to Narakasura. ‘ Narakasura is extremely angry. He makes elaborate and systematic war preparations by himself and goes to war with Indra. He defeats Indra and takes away his royal umbrella and riches. Indra goes to Dwaraka and complains to Krishna. Krishna and wife Sathyabhama mount Garuda and fly towards Narakasura’s abode in Pragjyothisha. Garuda defeats Vividha who tries to defend the fort. (Then Krishna fights Mura and kills him, the strongest man of Narakasura. But this in not included in kathakali due to lack of time.) Later Krishna does battle with Narakasura. ‘ However it is impossible to battle Narakasura because he can be killed only by a woman. When Krishna gets defeated Sathyabhama fights Narakasura at which time Krishna sends his Discuss which cuts off Narakasura’s head. Krishna releases the sixteen thousand ladies in Narakasura’s prison, takes them all to Dwaraka as his wives and gives them homes for living decently. ‘ Note: We request the parents to take care of the children while playing with fire-works, and to avoid wear clothing suitable for fire-works. ‘ All are most welcome!!