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18 Apr / 2013Program by:
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Earth Day and Chapman Sticks

In today’s news we are featuring Mawite from Auroannam Farm inviting us on Sunday at 4.30pm their participation to Earth Day’s celebration. Free market will be going on at Solar Kitchen on Saturday morning, TEDx talks on ecology at Conference Room in Town Hall, pot luck dinner with Earth Healing Ceremony at sunset with live music and dancing at Terra Soul at Windarra Farm from 5pm onward. …..At 7.30pm at Ptianga A Musico – Pictoral Concert with Chapman sticks, reverse painting, tables and saxophone by Jacky, Anaka, Manosh and Matt.

To do yoga, one of the most important things to achieve is to get rid of all attachment to the past. Let the past be past and concentrate only on the progress you want to make and the surrender to the Divine you have to achieve. My blessings and help are always with you. With love.
The Mother

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