Photographer: | Akash & Sukrit with their electric bibycle prototype
17 May / 2007Program by:
Language: English

Electric bicycle

In this week’s English news an interview with Akash and Sukrit is presented in which they explain the genesis of the prototype for the electric bicycle, here in Auroville. ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ (Al Gore’s film) seems to have been the inspiration for creating a pollution-free vehicle. Power through electricity vs. petrol is a step towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions, one of the main culprits of climate change.’ Akash and Sukrit speak about the electric’ bicycle (and’ eventually an electric scooter) as one of the important ways towards becoming carbon-neutral in this ‘City the Earth needs.’Also there is news of the approaching AVI meeting in Kazahkstan plus various announcements for the week of 20-26 May.You can listen to the English news by downloading here