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24 May / 2011Program by:
Featured: AjayLanguage: English

Evolving in the Living House

For this weeks update on the Transit Lounge, we accompanied potential users to a site visit of the Living House by architect Ajay. We have interviewed the architect, followed by feedback and comments from potential users on the construction and its features.
The Living House, which is one of the new prototypes for the Transit Lounge / Temporary Housing Project, is made from natural materials obtained from local villages/environment. Thus it comes with a low carbon footprint, while preserving local tradition and crafts. Ajay and his family have been living for more than 4 years in the house made from stone, mud, bamboo and a grass/ reed thatched roof, which should last 10-20 years. So far little to not maintenance was needed, as the long overhang protects most of the building from the strong monsoon rains.

The cost per square foot ranges from 1500-200 Rupees (according to costs 3-4 years ago). One single unit can be build for just under 2 Indian Lakhs, two units would come up to 3.5 Indian Lakhs. Enthusiastic users who have a pinching budget should feel encouraged to participate in constructing and assembling the “one person dormitory” of 12 feet by 7 feet. Approx 35% of the cost are labor with the roof comprising one fifth of the whole costs.
The Architect’s self contained house – see pictures- are two units of 15 feet by 15 feet.