Photographer:Frida | Cow in KK Garden farm near Kottakarai Photographer:Frida | Official invitation. The next presentation in this series will be set up on a farm Photographer:Frida | The audience participated very actively on discussions Photographer:Frida | What Auroville farms grow and what consumers ask for Photographer:Frida | The farm production decreased in the last years constantly Photographer:Frida | Conventional food is highly polluted Photographer:Frida | Each of the vegetable on the list was also cheaper than conventionally grown products
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Food for Thought, 15-12-15

On Tuesday, 15 of December, the Joy of Learning Team invite for presentations from Auroville farmers. After a general paper on Auroville farming, Jeff mentioned that what our farms seasonally can grow and what consumers like to eat doesn’t fit together. For example, they ask for tomatoes all over the year, so except during the season (January to March) Auroville has to import them. So, the town is quite far from self-sufficiency and many farms have still a lot capacity to grow.
In January 2016, there will be set up a web portal with local and seasonal recipes:

How expensive are Auroville products?

Vivek spoke in his presentation about the use of toxins like herbicides, chemical fertilizer, drugs and hormones in agriculture. He showed that the use of many toxins exceeded the extreme values in india, and their prophylactic use in huge quantities is very common. As they cause highly health damages, for example to the nervous system, it would be reasonable to avoid such products.
He also mentioned the prices for Auroville farm products and presented examples of popular Auroville grown vegetables. They were less expensive than even conventional products and much cheaper than organics in Pondy, because they are sold without much traders.

All papers will be set on Auroville Intranet (Auronet) the upcoming week.


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  • Rahul

    Good awareness about the farming culture and consumer behavior patterns in auroville. It’s an eye opener for sure and what should be next in farming here is obvious. Thanks auroville radio and Frida.