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02 Nov / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Forecomers Community 1968

The earliest settlers on the land of Auroville: Debora and Bob. Listen to Debora reminisce about those days, back in 1968….Forecomers is the name Mother gave to that area and Debora and Bob were those pioneers to come first. Under primitive conditions they built a basic strructure on an arid plain overlooking a canyon, chosen for its beauty. Water was delivered daily by truck which meant boiling it for drinking as well as learning to bathe with perhaps two cups of the precious commodity, until a bore well was prepared. Debora, visiting Auroville today, finds the present living conditions indeed luxurious compared to 40 years ago. She also describes meeting the Mother.


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  • Darryl Dickie

    My wife Margaret Anne Overton) and I (not married at the time) arrived in Auroville in the Spring of 1971.
    I’m wondering if anyone has a list of the Forecomers during that era? Does anyone remember Arindam?
    One of my first jobs was do a topographical survey of the area surrounding the Matrimandir, and eventually was tasked to fix the center. Not a popular job as the digging was all being done by hand and only by the Forecomers at that time. Moving the center meant more digging in rock solid dirt. Amazing what has been accomplished since then.
    Peace, Darryl